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cheese aging

Aging Cheese

cheese 4

A short drive West of Nebraska City, NE among green pastures spotted with beautiful milking cows, there is a farmer who lives in a 100-year-old home and works in her modern milking barn.  The home is heated with power from a wind turbine and supplementary solar panels. In the new barn and dairy shop,  stainless steel cheese equipment is humming with gauges blinking important numbers. Beautiful cheese is stored for aging in different types and sizes. The cheese is beautiful, fresh and produced with the loving hands of the cheese whiz farmer using organic, grass-fed cow’s milk.  I can’t wait to buy this fresh, local cheese!


Happy milking cows eating organic grass

In the store area I’m greeted by a  friendly piglet named, “Wilber” who is adorable and yes, very smart. The farmer’s freckle-faced, red-headed daughters anxiously find me the best cheese and other local foods they have to sell like local honey, fresh-picked asparagus and homemade soap. You can also buy milk, cream, yogurt and pudding made fresh daily –  displayed in a glass cooler.

cheese 2

Pepper Cheese – beautiful!

This trip to the farmer’s barn store might seem like stepping back in time, but for me, it’s definitely the future of our food supply and local economies.  Beyond incredibly wholesome food, there is a high-tech, sophisticated, strong family thriving in a small, dependable community that is quite possibly a perfect model for the future of mankind.

Find The Cheese Wiz (Laura Chisholm) at:

1875 D Road
Unadilla, NE 68454 (if you can’t get to the farm-order online)

cheese whiz

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The Old Goat



At the office today, a technical problem with data causes bad information on the Web which then creates human emotional despair involving at least two humans.  Unable to fix the problem after several hours, I grab a cappuccino and take a drive for 10 minutes to find myself driving towards my “farm” which is really just a few acres with a barn where I dream or reprieve .  On my way there, I find that the neighbors goat has escaped again this week!  She or he, not sure…is out near the road looking toward my place.  Every time on my trip to the barn, I see the old goat trying to escape and about once a week she or he, actually does!  The determination and pure defiance in the eyes of this old goat convinces me that my technical problems at work exist in a completely different dimensional plane of reality.


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womanSitting in the park today, I contemplate the struggles of women.

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Quiet Pear Tree

cherries pears walnuts


We leave for work early most mornings, feeling rushed and late.  Work is hard, especially on Mondays with backups from the weekend business.  We get home later to find household and lawn chores, homework to help with, the news, dinner, laundry and a million other tasks, only to start the whole process over again the next morning.

But outside there is a pear tree, quiet, green and beautiful, who has been growing beautiful green fruit all summer that we have not noticed.  The fruit is bursting with juice and limbs droop heavy, leaving luscious droppings on shaded ground. Still unnoticed, the gift slowly breaks down and disappears into the cool fall soil.

This same sad story can be told of walnut, apple and cherry trees everywhere! Stop and notice the riches all around you.  Take time to harvest and preserve the wholesome gift of nature and thank that beautifully quiet pear tree.

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Coming Clean



Friday evening’s return home from a long day brightened considerably when I found a Fed Ex package on my front porch.  It was a heavy, odd sized envelope from a friend in Alabama.  Hey, I never get packages from her! It was then I remembered a Facebook post begging her to send me some of her homemade soap.  Could it be? I tore the package open wildly to find out.  YES!!! I screamed happily smelling the herbs, flowers, Shea and other fragrances billowing out from the package.   See my treasures in the photo above!

Shea Butter (for men) – Oats and Rosemary – Rose Pedals – Cucumber & Melon – Lilly & Lilac – Goats Milk with Rose – Chamomile – Lavender and Caribbean

In my childhood years, Grandmother and I made soap on the cool fall days.  She would use the fresh cut and grated soap for laundry and bar soap for hands then change recipes for bath soap.  I loved the smell of Grandmas line-dried laundry and have the recipes ready to go but have failed to carve out time.  I’ve promised my family for years that I would make them Grandma’s soap, but now it’s time to come clean!

This special delivery from a very special friend is exactly what I needed to nudge me toward a batch of Grandma’s fresh smelling laundry soap.   If you wouldn’t mind,  I’d love to have your soap recipe too.  Please post to this blog.   I have the book below for hand soap recipes but will post Grandmas secret recipe next week for you (have to retrieve it from my basement storage).  Let’s share soap recipes!

soap book


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gooseberriesA dear friend of mine delivered to me today a container of “Gooseberries!”  I know….you are wondering..What are gooseberries?  They are the smallest, most beautiful, tart, little stripy beads of wonder you can imagine.  Grandma used to make gooseberry/mulberry jelly and I’ve ordered duck with gooseberry chutney in past dining expeditions mixed with some other fruit that I cannot recall at this moment.  But there is a mystery about the gooseberry that we need to expose.

I decided to make a gooseberry chutney for pork, duck or fish (Why not chicken or turkey too?).  Cooking down the gooseberries and onion with a bit of clear water after topping and tailing the berries, was a joyous time-passing exercise. Later, I added vinegar, sugar, dried blueberries, raw sugar, spice and lemon.  I cooked it all down, then canned it with a wax capping to insure freshness while the flavors emulsified further for several weeks in the cupboard.

What a lovely treat to enjoy the organically grown berries as accouterments to any light meat or cheese.  It took more than a few hours to make, but what a luxury!  Blue-Goose it up folks!

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Changing houses



After nearly 24 years of living in my house, I decided it was time for a change.  Perhaps I needed a new challenge.  Or maybe it was a desire to live among fruit trees and berries in solitude far from other humans that drove me to it.  Whatever force caused it,  I moved to an interum  cottage one-fourth the size to ponder more before leaping toward a 15 minute drive daily.

Packing and purging for several weeks made me realize how much unnecessary stuff was in my house.  I removed bags of clothes and shoes, boxes of finances from  over 20 years ago, greeting cards and media from decades ago that no modern gadget could operate not to mention hordes of trinkets, do-dads and ancient cosmetics.

In the cottage, there is only room for bare essentials.  The tub is old and shower curtain circles above it.  The bedroom closets are small but have room for a few pairs of shoes, three or four suits and a few shirts.  There is no dishwasher, disposal nor microwave.  Happily there is a front porch as well as a small enclosed back porch, where my cat naps.  The basement is a bit scary so I’m glad laundry day is only once a week.

Simple is beautiful and the process of managing with less is magnificent, for the moment, anyway.

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