Pottery Shop Chapel

Several years ago, a special friend and I ventured out to find a pottery shop in a small town several hours from our own.  Upon reaching our destination, we learned via a note on the door, that the potter had left for vacation not to return for several weeks.  The shop was closed.  Distraught, we googled from our iPhones other pottery opportunities finding one in the most obscure location, deep in the country side, far off beaten paths. We wondered if it was mapping error, but had time and pottery money in our pockets, so proceeded as the GPS directed.

When we arrived, we found an old, country church with a surprising sign, “Cedar Creek Pottery”.   St. Francis would have been appropriate.

Cedar Creek Pottery - Ervin Dixon, artist

Cedar Creek Pottery – Ervin Dixon, artist

Inside was an older man who quickly switched on the lights and what illuminated before our eyes was astonishing!  Shelves and rows of pottery stacked high and displayed with dried flowers, old wooden relics, ancient agricultural tools and tractor parts and items we couldn’t quite make out, but somehow perfectly accentuated the displayed pottery into the masterpieces they were.

photo-5 Each dish or cup set was only kind-of the same size, with color variation and design just enough different to make each piece of a set unique to the user, making lunch, dinner or tea a ceremony and celebration of individuality.

photo50 photo-53 photo-52 Cedar Creek Pottery can be found scattered about in my home today in nearly every room.  There is a depth of connection, understanding and comfort I feel just being near this beautiful art. To be able to have creativity and beauty with you; in you, in the daily circle of living, changes who you are.

Below is one of my favorite platters whose reflection casts and old potter man throwing daily his clay in the basement of an extraordinary pottery shop chapel.  I hope you can visit the pottery shop chapel someday.  South of Beatrice, Nebraska 8 miles on Highway 136 then a scant mile south on Road 80. JJ


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