Peonies bloom in May


Every May I am distracted from life by the most fragrant, plump, blooms of peony bushes in parks, allies and yards of others.  The peony has always been my favorite flower, pink, white & reds,a silky soft and fluffy with peddles.  And if you pick them early enough, you can avoid the ants who cannot resist such extravagance.

Why have I not planted my favorite flower before?  Is it because after the May bloom, they are cut down, not to be remembered again until the next spring sprouts nudge me?  Or is it because having such luxury on my own parcel of the earth would fulfill me too completely?

Pondering the Peony, I enjoy dinner tonight with a vase centered on my dining table overflowing with beautiful puffy peddles, fragrant and pink swiped from a neighbors supply.

peony 1

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