Duck Soup!

Yesterday morning  was filled with disagreeable tasks including tax documentation preparation, accounting entries, checkbook balancing and other tedious chores.  I headed home for lunch late, hungry and crabby to find nothing to eat. In the freezer sat a frozen duck that had been waiting for a dashing chef for nearly a year, then without a thought I pulled the rock-hard foul from the self and searched for a pot.

On the bottom shelf peaking from behind the Tupperware sat a crock pot and I said, “sure I’ll let you cook the duck”.    So into the covered crock pot, set on high, went the frozen boulder with a half quart of water.

Five and one-half hours later, my long, painful day ended. I came home to the aroma of duck soup.  The skin and fat layer easily slid off, leaving the most tender, delicious duck I have ever had. The flavor and moistness was so luxurious that I could not make soup of it.  Instead, by layering the warm duck over fresh  field greens, dried cranberries, pecans, and a bit of blue cheese, than drenched with a warm bacon vinaigrette, I had a duck salad fit for a king!  The leftover duck fat and broth will contribute to some other wonderful dish tomorrow.

Funny how the simplest, easy path can turn out so remarkably some days.  Today was a beautiful day after all.  No beautiful photos unfortunately – we ate the duck too quickly.

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