Yes, it’s simple

kitchenThis year, 2013 I moved into a home with no dishwasher, no disposal and laundry in a questionable basement.  The bedrooms (2) are small with lighted but limited closet space.  The floors are hardwood but damaged from leaking radiators of years gone by.   I place my cookware on open shelves near the stove.  In this place, I have found profound beauty.  Meditation in the act of washing dishes and flatware; joy in cleaning antique windows.  Sounds of imagined bats, children playing nearby and morning birds have awakened me to other dimensions.  This place, any place different, arouses learning and enlightenment.   When Jesus, Buda, and Rumi explored and ridded themselves of “stuff”, surely they felt the joy of nothingness I have the vague idea of now.  Elimination of worldly distraction yields true knowledge, I think.

door handls

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