Bee Hive

Several years ago I began the journey of beekeeping, and I’m still learning something new every day.  Initially I wanted to help bees repopulate after hearing their numbers had dropped to concerning levels.  The bees would help my orchard and, of course, honey is always a sweet thing, I decided!   And so the journey continues. Swarms, angry queen drama and harvesting the honey.

From my perspective, bees are not unlike people in communities, countries or world regions.  If you get a great queen (leader), there is organization, excellent hive wax structures with food storage, healthy offspring and resilience from harsh winters,  beetle, wasp or animal attacks.    But if you have a bad queen (leader), there is chaos, disfunction, confusion and the colony suffers, wages war on others or each other…Things get ugly .

I have learned much by observing my honey bee colony and have so much more to learn.

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