Changing houses



After nearly 24 years of living in my house, I decided it was time for a change.  Perhaps I needed a new challenge.  Or maybe it was a desire to live among fruit trees and berries in solitude far from other humans that drove me to it.  Whatever force caused it,  I moved to an interum  cottage one-fourth the size to ponder more before leaping toward a 15 minute drive daily.

Packing and purging for several weeks made me realize how much unnecessary stuff was in my house.  I removed bags of clothes and shoes, boxes of finances from  over 20 years ago, greeting cards and media from decades ago that no modern gadget could operate not to mention hordes of trinkets, do-dads and ancient cosmetics.

In the cottage, there is only room for bare essentials.  The tub is old and shower curtain circles above it.  The bedroom closets are small but have room for a few pairs of shoes, three or four suits and a few shirts.  There is no dishwasher, disposal nor microwave.  Happily there is a front porch as well as a small enclosed back porch, where my cat naps.  The basement is a bit scary so I’m glad laundry day is only once a week.

Simple is beautiful and the process of managing with less is magnificent, for the moment, anyway.

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