What to do with the Pits?

The pits can be a warm solution to a tired neck, a cold solution for a bump on the head or responsible for that hint of fruit flavor in vinegar.

Today I climbed a ladder to begin picking perfectly red orbs from my two cherry trees.  They are so small and picking enough for a pie takes a great deal of time.  The trees tops are far too high for my ladder and my courage so those are naturally left for lucky birds in the neighborhood.

In the kitchen I pit the cherries one-by-one being extra careful, second checking every pit knowing a slight error could cause a broken tooth by an unsuspecting pie consumer.  The pitted cherries are bagged and frozen for a day with excess hours to carefully make the perfect pastry deserving of this organic crop.

Now, the pits…. The pits are said to be excellent conductors of and heat and cold. Easy then….  I rinse and dry the pits completely removing any dried remaining fruit, then find a nice cotton, soft fabric remnant from the rag basket.  I will sew a few simple neck rolls (small rectangle shaped pillows), fill them with dried cherry pits, then in the freezer with one and the other to in my night stand to microwave and use later when the problems of the day require neck and cherry pit heat massaging.

A blog I read suggested adding cherry pits to my vinegar for an aroma and hinted taste of joy. Although I have not tried this, it’s sounds practical so expect a report on that after my experiment.

The cherry pit packs might even make a nice gift for your mother-in-law, but the pie is a guarenteed winner.  Cherry trees are a delicious addition to your self-sustaining, organic life.  And now you know what to do with the pits!

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